Fall Tour 2015 ~ Part 3

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! With the yummiest holiday of the year only a week from tomorrow, I thought it might be time to post some pictures of my Thanksgiving decorations. As you saw in Part 1, my fall d├ęcor starts with general fall items featuring pumpkins, leaves, earthy colors, and natural elements. In Part 2 I showed how I added Halloween accessories to some spaces. Now, for Thanksgiving, I have packed away the Halloween things and added a few Thanksgiving pieces here and there!

We’ll start the tour in the living room! I added a cute banner to the fireplace and a cute little turkey (he holds a candle!) to the mantel.


On the side table, I replaced my Halloween kitty and framed card with a “thankful” sign I made this year and two little pilgrims that my grandma made.


I also have a few turkeys here and there… Can you spot any in this picture?


Moving on to the kitchen, I have replaced my centerpiece with a beautiful table runner that my mother-in-law made for me (it has moved around this fall — did you notice it in my previous posts?!), a cornucopia that my grandma made and used to have on a table at her house, and my grandma’s candlesticks!


And lastly, I have a couple fun turkeys and a message on the fridge. My grandma made the plastic canvas turkey, and 5-year-old Jenna made the felt one. :-)


That’s all for my fall tour(s) this year! I hope you all have had a wonderful fall!

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Fall Tour 2015 ~ Part 2

Happy Halloween! As promised in my post earlier this fall, here are some fun details of our Halloween decorations this year.

We’ll start outside. To begin, I’ll say that our cul-de-sac is a perfect fit for us. There are multiple reasons, and one is that Halloween is a big deal here. Two houses by us have large, glowing eyes in their upstairs windows, many houses have ghosts, tombstones, spiders, flags, and other yard decor, and everyone just seems to be in the spirit of spooky fun and candy!


My favorite piece outside is my light up cat that we put under the maple tree (which has turned to a beautiful orange-red color!).


Our porch is really the showstopper though, and it is almost 100% Matt’s doing… I occasionally get called in for a quick consult on placing something, and that’s about it! Halloween is Matt’s favorite holiday, so he goes all out and gets really geeky about it too. Our porch consists of electronics that he created and programmed that “perform” when triggered by the trick-or-treaters approaching the front door. These include flashes of light, sounds of thunder, a spider that moves across its web, and a ghost who rises up from behind tombstones. He even has a fog machine!


I will admit that I’m a big fan of the skeleton who’s been sitting in my basket chair all month. He’s pretty awesome.


If you survived the scares outside, we’ll welcome you and maybe even share some candy with you. Matt did the candy shopping this year, and he did well! Tonight we’ll have M&Ms, Skittles, Snickers, Twix and many others. Yum. I have mixed feelings between wanting so many kids to come and get a scare that we’ll have just enough candy, and having lots of left over candy for us to eat up later! ;-)

In our entry way I’ve slightly modified the table by the door… I added an adorable sign that says “Stop in for a spell” and also a few cats to the lower shelf! After all, what’s Halloween without a few black cats?



The Jane Austen room features my favorite Halloween display this year. In the window seat I added a spooky haunted house, a creepy tree, and a cute sign!


If you’re in the mood for an eerie read this Halloween, go pick up The Night Circus! (Pictured below) I just finished it this morning and it was fantastic: magical, mysterious, and even romantic. I loved it. Last year’s haunting Halloween read was Bellman & Black. It was also very good… very strange, but good!


In the living room, my mantel remains the same as it did in Part 1, but I have added my grandmother’s ceramic jack-o-lantern and a tray of Halloween books to the hearth!




Many of my Halloween books are from my childhood, but I have also added a few to my collection in the last few years. Here are a few of my favorites:

My last bit of Halloween fun is a few items on a side table in the living room! The print is from Rifle Paper Company; it’s a greeting card that I framed! I’ve had the little stuffed cat since I was a kid… I have to keep an eye on it though; for some reason my (real) cats love to pick on it!


I hope you have a very happy and haunted Halloween!

Fall Tour 2015 ~ Part 1

Welcome, friends! Come on in and enjoy Part 1 of my fall tour. Before we begin, please help yourself to a nice warm cup of tea or apple cider and get cozy. Maybe you want to get the fire going too and curl up with a blanket. :-)

Cup_of_teaFall decor at my house evolves through the weeks from the first day of fall to Thanksgiving. Therefore, my fall tour will come in three posts. This post, Part 1, features my “early fall” decor… check back later for Part 2 and Part 3 to see how my decor changes for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Now let’s get started before your tea gets cold!

There’s a cute table in my entry way:


I have a delightful fall tray on the ottoman in my music room (also known as the Jane Austen Room). I was so pleased with my Christmas tray last year that I decided a fall arrangement needed to be equally beautiful. This one is a little on the messy side… but outside fall is kind of like that, so I think it’s fitting!

Fall1_2015_trayI also added some nice fall touches to the piano:


The living room is very cozy with pillows, garland, pumpkins, and candles — fall is a wonderful time of year for lots of candles!

Fall1_2015_living_roomMy mantel received a makeover this season. New pieces this year include the wreath and the framed “Fall is Fabulous” print! I bought the wreath at Joann Fabric’s and then added a few sunflowers to it. I found the print free online, so all I had to do was print it out and stick it in a frame! It was easy and it’s adorable.

Fall1_2015_mantelI put together a new centerpiece for the kitchen table this year! I had to do something new because the vase I always used on my table broke last winter… But I’m so very pleased with this new arrangement. It was easy and fun to put together too! I love the colors and textures!

Fall1_2015_centerpieceSome areas in the kitchen/dining area include fun fall things too!

Fall1_2015_bookshelfThese salt and pepper shakers match the candy dish I have on my sideboard!


Fall1_2015_counterThe clear lidded pumpkin bowl used to be my grandma’s! I like to fill it with yummy trail mix… this year it’s made of honey roasted peanuts, regular peanuts, raisins, milk chocolate chips, and fall colored M&Ms! Yummy!

That’s all for now! Check back soon for my spooky Halloween additions. :-)