Lettering & Illustrations: 51

It’s been a couple months since I posted… I was planning to work on quotes about hopes and dreams in June, but early in the month June turned into a devastating time for Matt and me. My hopes and dreams had come crashing down and were burning around me. Since then I’ve had little energy to put into something as creative as lettering, not to mention lettering quotes on hope, of all things. Slowly I’m coming back to myself though, and I’m trying my hardest to harness some of that elusive thing we all need in order to keep going: hope. Something I found last month that helped me start to build back some hope was a pin on pinterest that spelled HOPE: “Hold On Pain Ends”. That really resonated with me and it has been a powerful reminder to me that pain does end. I just have to keep going and work through it. After all, according to one of my new favorite books, The Fault In Our Stars, “the thing about pain is that it demands to be felt.” Anyway, I might letter that HOPE quote… and I might not. For now, I’ll just leave those thoughts here with a different quote. It’s another one from the wonderful Jane Austen… she always seems to know what to say.