Colorful Afghan

Colorful striped afghan

I finished a new afghan yesterday!

I found the pattern and color inspiration on pinterest, from Lindsi on the blog People Webs. When I found it, I just knew I needed to make one like it! It is a really easy pattern, and I loved watching the blanket come together!

I made my afghan about the same size as a blanket I already had. Here’s a picture of the afghan with my cat, Kiki, for some idea of the size!

Colorful striped afghan - with Kiki

I used a variety of yarn brands. I had kind of a hard time picking my colors and putting them in the “right” order… After I bought my yarn I put laid them out in the order I wanted them, but after I started crocheting and was a few rows in, I decided that I wasn’t happy with how the colors looked. Then I tore everything out and started over. A few times. Then I decided to make a tiny square of the colors crocheted together. I should have started with that – I would have saved hours. I’ll know for next time! Anyway, once I figured out my color order on the small scale, I was ready to get back to the afghan!

Here are the yarns I used (in order):

Snowflake Afghan

A couple of months ago, I saw a pin on pinterest of this blog post and I knew I just had to make myself one of these afghans! And today, I finished it! I’m so pleased with it and I’m so glad that I have it done in time to enjoy it for the whole winter. After all, I don’t store away my snow d├ęcor after Christmas – I enjoy my winter things all winter long!

The original white snowflake looks a lot different from the finished snowflake with the blue around it!

The pattern I followed is free from As far as crocheting patterns go, I thought it was pretty easy to follow. Once you figure it out, you just make as many snowflake hexagons as you want! The pattern calls for 59, but I actually made my blanket slightly larger – I made 68. I just added one hexagon to each row. Each hexagon took me around an hour to make.

I started making the afghan probably about 8 weeks ago or so, and I tried to work on it a little every day. Once you have some hexagons done, you essentially sew them together in strips and then sew the strips together. Then magically, in no time, it turns into a blanket!

Once you have the blanket as large as you want it to be, you put the edging on. It was easy to do, but took longer than I expected. The edging just repeats single, triple, single, triple, all the way around. It gives it a nice little bumpy edge!

Below: the completed blanket! I just love it!