Butterfly Canvas

I made a butterfly canvas for my niece!

Buttefly Canvas

I was inspired by this heart made of butterflies that I found on pinterest, but I thought my niece might like hers to be a butterfly!

I started with a blank white canvas and cut out a large butterfly from some paper to be my pattern. Then I punched out a bunch of paper butterflies with a butterfly punch. I used four different kinds of purple paper. I folded the butterflies so that they would be flying, and then glued them onto the canvas inside my pattern. It took quite a while to put it together, but it turned out so cute!

Butterfly canvas - butterfly cutoutButterfly canvas 1Butterfly canvas - closeup


Projects for Bella

After my Tinker Bell canvas and my butterfly garland, I was still inspired for decorations for Bella, so I decided to run with it and keep going! I pulled out my awesome purple glitter stickers, more paper punches and scrapbooking paper, and headed out to buy a frame and another canvas!

First I decided to decorate a frame ready to hold a picture of my brother and my niece:

Bella frameThen I decided to paint another canvas and decorate it with Bella’s name, flowers and her favorite, butterflies! I used the same paints as on Tinker Bell canvas (plus some yellow this time), and a wider variety of scrapbooking paper and paper punches. After I put her name on the painted canvas, I just had fun with the flowers and butterflies!

Bella canvas

I had a great time putting these cute surprises together for Bella, and I really hope she likes all of her new decorations!!

Crocheted Butterfly Garland

Butterfly garland 1My brother and my niece just moved into a new house, so I thought my niece needed a few new things to spruce up her new room! My next few posts will be about my various projects for Bella. She’s really into Tinker Bell, butterflies, and fairies, so I had a lot of fun putting things together for her…! And my first idea was to crochet some butterfly garland for her room!

First I had to find myself a butterfly pattern. I wanted something easy, and thanks for the wonderful bloggers at Little Birdie Secrets, I found this amazing pattern for cute and easy crochet butterflies!

Butterfly garland 3So I got my stuff together (some variegated purple and pink yarn, and a crochet hook) and whipped up my butterflies in no time! I made 7 butterflies for my garland.

Then I used a darker, thicker yarn to tie them all together! I tied each one a little differently, to make them look a little random, like they were flying around. Some are tied with one wing, others with both.

Here is the completed garland – hanging on my mantel… I’m sure it will be much cuter in her bedroom! I can’t wait to see how much my niece loves it!

Butterfly garland 2