Anniversary Card Book

Our (7th!) wedding anniversary is quickly approaching, so I thought I’d share a recent project I did with our anniversary cards. I collected the anniversary cards we’ve given each other since we got married and put them into a small scrapbook! I like the idea of using old cards to continue enjoying them (did you see my post on ways to use Christmas cards?), so I love what I’ve done with our anniversary cards. Now our cards of love and appreciation to each other are in one pretty place where we can enjoy them at any time!

Anniversary Card Book -

I have only included a few pictures: a wedding picture on the title page, and pictures at our 5 year anniversary. That year we had professional photos taken of the two of us, so I put 2 of those in there, and we “got married” again in Vegas, so I put one of those photos in too! All the other years so far only have the cards.

anniversary card book - vegas -

anniversary card book - 5 years -

The album I used is a strap hinge style album from Creative Memories. These scrapbooks have slide-on page protectors. In this album, I have only used the page protectors on 1 page so far (the 5 year anniversary pictures page). On all of the other pages, I wanted to be able to open the cards, so I have not used page protectors.

anniversary card book - open card -

I had a lovely time sorting through our cards and putting this together. It was a quick project and it was fun to see the cards and notes we’ve exchanged over the years!