Cat Friendly Gift Packaging

Christmas Tree KittyChristmas time is a wonderful time of year for my cats. They love the all the fun decorations, the Christmas trees, and the gifts. I also have these little bells hanging from the garland on the stairs that Theo loves to bat at until they ring. Sitting, playing, sleeping, and hiding under the tree is a favorite pastime, but climbing in it or even eating the (artificial!!) tree is even more fun. Last week I cleaned up fake-Christmas-tree cat puke twice.  As far as the gifts go, curling ribbon and bows are apparently extra tasty to my kitties. They’ll do anything to get a taste of curling ribbon. (Which will ultimately end up on my carpet in the form of ribbon puke). My cats aren’t too bright.

Unfortunately I haven’t figured out the cure for eating trees, but I have figured out how to wrap my gifts in a cat friendly way. I use regular ribbons (think the fabric kind at Joann’s or Michael’s) and tie or tape them in simple ways to prevent them from looking extra tasty! The trick is to not have tiny loose ends. Here are a few pictures of some of my packages this year:

CatFriendlyGifts2And, so far, so good — the kitties haven’t eaten any of the gifts!

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