Wine Cork & Bottle Cap Christmas Ornaments

I tend to save things that might have a crafty purpose in the future, and when I come across the perfect use for my saved “crafty things” I get excited! This Christmas I was really inspired with wine corks and bottle caps! All ideas were from pinterest! Here are my versions:

Wine Cork Rudolph 1

Wine Cork Reindeer 1Inspiration:

Wine Cork Reindeer 2

Wine cork reindeer 2

Champagne Cork Snowman

Champagne cork snowmanInspiration: I decided to use champagne corks instead of wine corks because I thought they had more of a snowman shape.

Wine Cork Angels

Wine cork angel


Bottle Cap Rudolph Ornaments

Bottle cap RudolphInspiration:

Believe it or not, there is at least one other wine cork Christmas decoration I would like to make, but at the moment, my wine cork collection isn’t large enough for me to make it… guess I’ll have to drink more wine and try again next year! ;-)