Bird Napkin Rings

Bird napkin ring - close upThanks to Better Homes and Gardens & Pinterest, I found this adorable idea for spring napkin rings! So off I went to the craft store to get my supplies. Once I got going, they were finished in no time. The napkin rings were really easy and quick to put together!

Bird napkin rings - materialsMaterials:

  • Small twig wreaths
  • Ribbon
  • Fake birds
  • Silk flowers (BHG said fresh flowers, but I used fake ones)
  • Wire cutters

Bird napkin ringAssembly:

  • I attached the birds first. They had little wires extending past their feet, so I just wrapped those around the wreath a few times.
  • Then I cut some little flower pieces off of my silk flowers and tied the flowers onto the wreaths using the ribbon. I thought about using hot glue to make the flowers more secure, but the ribbon seemed to work just fine!

And that’s it! It took just a few minutes to put them together, and now my table has cute little spring birds!

Bird napkin rings - side by side


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