Crocheted Valentines

I crocheted some adorable heart themed dishcloths and pot holders for Valentine’s day this year! Most went into a thank you package for my mother in law, who has been doing lots of amazing sewing projects for me! And just a few dishcloths stayed behind for me and some others. :)

Valentine washcloth 5Heart Dishcloth #1

I found the pattern for this cute little one here.

I also used this pattern to make a couple of pot holders with much thicker yarn. So cute!


Valentine washcloth 4Heart Dishcloth #2

This one is adorable, but I found it to be the most complicated. I had to pay very careful attention to my counts and my stitches. I found this pattern on pinterest, available from The pattern is actually for a blanket, but I just made one square with cotton yarn and called it a dishcloth! :)


Valentine washcloth 1Heart dishcloth #3 and variations on that theme…

This one was my favorite, but I actually didn’t follow the pattern too closely..! It was more of a guide — but definitely a great one! And very easy and quick!  The original pattern is here:

My changes from the pattern:

Valentine washcloth 2

  • After I made the first one, I decided to start the heart one row sooner… because I felt like it!
  • To keep them from getting too big for my liking, on the last two rounds I used single crochet instead of double.
  • I had seen pictures of the hearts made of spaces (like mine are) instead of the special stitch the pattern uses. Whenever it called for the popcorn stitch, I just did a single chain and moved on.
  • On a couple of the dishcloths I used a different color on my last round – just for fun!

Valentine washcloth 3

Valentine washcloth 6

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