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Halloween 2010

My vision for an electronically-enhanced Halloween was something like this:

It is a dark and stormy night. The air is filled with the sounds of children…screaming in terror at the evils of the night, and oohing in delight at the candies received.Little Timmy approaches the next house…it looks plain enough, with just a couple of styrofoam tombstones in a corner. Unfazed, he continues approaching the door. As soon as he steps up on the front porch, lightning flashes almost blind him, and thunder claps almost deafen him. Startled, Timmy makes another step. A soon as the thunder dies down, a ghost rises from behind some gravestones, and a horrible screaming begins. Timmy, with tears streaming down his face, can’t tell if the screaming is coming from the ghost or from himself…

So yeah, that’s what I was going for. Instead, I only had time to get the ghost to rise up from the grave, and I had to trigger that manually. I did manage to make a couple kids cry, though. It was a qualified success.

The Trigger