I know USB

I’ve been trying to get my STM32F3 Discovery board to register as a Virtual COM Port (i.e. RS232 serial over USB) when I plug it in via the “USB User” port.  I had a false start trying to use the code for the F4 Discovery from here…Apparently, the USB hardware is too different between the 2 boards.

However, I did manage to get the example USB joystick/mouse code from the F3 Discovery firmware package from the ST website to run.  It is pretty neat…tilt the board one way or another, and the cursor moves!

That code, along with this “USB in a NutShell” guide, and this description of the USB CDC Virtual COM Port should give me enough info to implement what I want.  After reading through “USB in a NutShell”, I feel like this meme is appropriate…

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